Zachary Kessin

Erlang Programmer, Architect, Coach and Advocate

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Zachary Kessin

I'm Zach, and I have been building applications on and around the Web since 1994. In that time I have used Perl, PHP, JavaScript, Scheme and now focus on Erlang.

I have been building erlang projects since 2011 and have

My tools of choice include Erlang, WebMachine, QuickCheck, Dialyzer, Erlog and Lager (and others). For me Erlang provides the right mix of Rock Solid Stability and ease of development.

In addition I have also been involved in the wider Erlang community by writing the Book "Building Web Applications With Erlang", hosting the Mostly Erlang Podcast, Speaking at conferences and work on a few open source projects.

If you are looking for an Erlang developer to build a new project or to work with an existing team then I would like to talk to you.

If you would like to work for me please email me zkessin at gmail or skype "zachkessin"